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Unsolicited Advice for Young People

Last updated May 2022 Edit Source

Giving advice is often a foolish act, even more so when not asked for. But anyway, here are several random things I think young people should know and do.

Of course I did not do most of the things below when I was still a spring chicken. Think of them as things I wish I had done when I was younger.

  1. Read books. Read anything you want at first. Build a habit. Once you’ve got into the reading groove, try reading something new: new topic, new genre.
  2. Write. Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts. Anything. Your older self will thank you for this.
  3. Work out. Walk. Run. Lift weights. Start light. Build it into your routine.
  4. Learn to touch-type.
  5. Learn to use keyboard shortcuts on your computer. Become highly efficient with the computer. Stop fumbling around.
  6. Turn off all notifications on your phones and reclaim control over your life.

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