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The Importance of Being Silent

Last updated Apr 2020 Edit Source

we should all learn to be silent

because it’s what we need

the silence to think

the silence to see things from different perspectives

the silence to understand opposite views

the silence to calm down

the silence to see if it’s worth giving an opinion at all

the silence to realize the person we’re arguing against is a real human being

with emotions

not mere words and symbols delivered to your screen by the internet

the silence to introspect

to see how significant you are

yet at the same time very small

puny even

the silence to focus on your breath and let go of everything else

the silence to stop the noise from accumulating

it’s too loud

but perhaps we’re already so used to it

the silence to, well, excuse my french, just shut the fuck up!

we don’t need to talk


most of the times


you may understand me

and i you

social media is constant, fast

we all want to catch up

but slow down!

going fast only hurts our thinking

and alters our behaviors in undesirable ways

fake news, myths, false information

they spread like wildfire

cascading from the cloud

blinding our judgment

making us vulnerable

maybe the silence to stop thinking at all

to get in touch with reality

to see things as they are

to stop finding meaning behind little things

to stop second guessing people

the silence to find home in your mom’s voice

from a distance

the silence to lose yourself in your beloved’s embrace

the silence to watch your child play

her pure joy palpable

the silence to have a walk in nature

appreciating how life can be fragile

the air we breathe

the fragrance of wild flowers we no longer care to savor

the comfort of knowing we’re still walking on earth

the silence to admit

all this

all this may be gone now

the silence to be at peace

the silence to just be

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