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Love for Reading Rekindled

Last updated Jul 2022 Edit Source

There was a time when I was determined to read 52 books a year, one every week. Then I changed my mind, believing that quality trumps quantity. With the conviction, I read less and less, all the while telling myself that if I was to read a book, I would have to have a long time-block, some quietude, and a note-taking app. But, as it often turns out, I got drawn to doing the everyday chores and work-related tasks, and thus rarely got round to doing any serious reading. The resulting piecemeal approach to reading a book wasn’t particularly helpful either.

Goodreads Challenge Stats

I don’t feel that guilty, but I do realize now, that I was at my best when I read books regularly—when I let the little world of mine collide with others’, producing what I like to call “sparked notes”, new ideas blazing as they enter the atmosphere of my own planet.

So I made what Cal Newport calls a “grand gesture”, to once again embark on my reading journey: I bought the new Kobo Libra!

Kobo Libra 2

(Shh… I know. It’s just a fancy excuse to finally lay my fingers on this gorgeous ereader. Don’t tell my wife.)

P.S. Ironically, it is the Libra that will accompany me. Dear Kindles, thank you for changing my life for the past 10 years. I’ll always cherish the time we had together.

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