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Little Envy

Last updated Sep 2021 Edit Source

People who journal, they make my eyes green.

A person I know kept a journal when he was still at school.

How wonderful it is to read what you wrote down when you were a different person, say when you were a 13-year-old.

To be fair, I did attempt to keep a journal when I was in secondary school. But I just didn’t see the point of it. Just a few pages and that was it. I didn’t know how to keep going.

I wish someone had taught me how to.

Turns out, keeping a journal is simple. Just write down your thoughts and observations. And the key thing is they do not need to be special. It can be something mundane and ordinary, a quick thought, a dull comment about the day.

My memory is failing me. I know many events are embedded deep somewhere in my subconscious, but the chance they will never resurface is real.

At least I still have two remedies. One, write about the past. And two, keep a journal.

Maybe I still have another 30 years on Earth. It’d be great to read these lines when I’m 60.

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