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The name’s Quang. I’m living in Binh Chanh, HCMC, with my wife and two sons 👶. In my free time I like learning stuff, thinking, writing, reading books on my beloved Kindle, drawing, and tinkering with my life.

🏠 This site is my fourth attempt at developing an online presence. Now that I’ve settled on storing my notes in plain text files, this is perhaps my permanent digital home (fomerly dqnotes.com).

🎬 Here’s my (somewhat active) Youtube channel: dangquang🌱. Also this one, DQEnglish, when I was young and wild.

✍️ I wrote IELTS-related stuff here.

🔨 I’m working on an IELTS study tool called That IELTS Guide for my students.

📋 And here’s my CV.

# Students’ Corner 🪴

If you’re one of my IELTS students and are told to visit this place for some stuff, here it is.

# What I’m doing now ⌛️

Building IELTS Writing and Speaking courses at English House.

Learning to code while having fun in my Playground.

Learning Chinese very very slowly.

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